Hair Tip: 10 ways to create a Bun

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Buns are great and can either be dressed up or down, with or without accessories depending on the occasion. They are styles that anyone can wear whether natural, transitioning or other. They are personally one of my favourite styles to wear and you do not need to use many tools or a lot of hair products to achieve these looks.

A simple bun suitable for any occasion, is my go-to hair style. This bun was achieved on freshly washed hair that was moisturizer. Two scrunchies were used to create this bun but you can also use hair ties.

The banana clip is great for creating a big bun even without a lot of hair length. Place the clip horizontally, put the hair around it in sections and secure with some hair pins. It will give the illusion of a big bun.

The side bun is a quick and funky style to rock to go to the movies or at the beach. Push hair into a ponytail to one side and form bun with hair pins.

Best on stretched hair the high bun is great for a more classy look. Want to see how I created this style, go to my youtube channel, link below

This twisted bun was created on an old twist out, leave a small section out in the front for more effect.

The puffy bun is great on old or well stretched hair. Create this bun on those lazy days before wash day

Create a beautiful bun with mini 2 strand twists. Tutorial on my youtube channel, link below

Change up that simple bun by creating it with a front middle part

Accessories are always a great way to spice up your bun. This bun was achieved with a side part and feathered headband

Hair combs are great alternatives for hair pins. Use a hair comb to achieve a more finished look for your bun


18 thoughts on “Hair Tip: 10 ways to create a Bun

  1. When I first read this, I went, “she calls that short hair?!” And then I looked at your more recent pics and went, OK, yup, that was short for her 😀 Don’t know when I will reach your version of short but I’ll remember the bun styles if I ever do 😀

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